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Why an Increasing Number of Americans are Seeking Second Citizenship

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of Americans seeking second citizenship. Essentially, this trend can be attributed to several factors, including political polarization, diversification of investment interests, and a desire for cultural exposure and legacy planning. 

Reasons Why Americans are seeking Second Citizenship

Political Polarization in the United States 

One key factor driving this trend is the increasing political animosity between Republicans and Democrats in the United States. Consequently, as the country becomes increasingly polarised, some Americans may seek to diversify their nationality as a means of hedging against potential future political turmoil. Specifically, individuals concerned about the direction the country may take in the future seek second citizenship in a country with a more stable political system. Potentially, this could provide a sense of security and peace of mind, especially for those who have invested significant time and resources in building their lives in the United States. 

Americans and second citizenship

Diversifying Investment Interests 

Another factor is the desire for diversification of investment interests. As the economies of the United States and Europe are only sometimes correlated, savvy investors seek to capture investment opportunities in Europe by obtaining citizenship in European countries. This allows them to take advantage of these opportunities and provides stability and security that may not be possible with a single nationality. 

Desire for Cultural Exposure 

In addition to economic considerations, many people increasingly realize that the United States can be too insular in its thinking. Therefore, individuals who value the importance of a global perspective may seek second citizenship in a country with a diverse and multicultural population to expose their children to different cultures and ways of thinking. In effect, this can broaden their horizons, expand their understanding of the world, and provide valuable personal and professional growth opportunities. 

Legacy Planning is a Strong Motivator in Wealthy Families 

Finally, some Americans may be seeking second citizenship for legacy planning purposes. Primarily, those with a long-term vision for their family may seek citizenship in a country with a favorable policy on citizenship by descent. Subsequently, this could allow them to ensure that their children and future generations have the freedom to live and work in a country that provides stability and security, regardless of where they are born. Mainly, this could be particularly useful for families with a global business or for those who value the ability to travel and work freely in different countries. 


In conclusion, there are several reasons why Americans seek second citizenship. Whether driven by political concerns, economic considerations, cultural exposure, or legacy planning, this trend will continue as more Americans seek to diversify their nationality and broaden their horizons.