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Unlocking Schengen Access for Indians via Malta's Residency Programme

Given the recent difficulties Indians have encountered in obtaining Schengen visas, the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) has emerged as a beacon of hope. Beyond its primary benefit of enabling extended stays in Malta without interruption, this unique opportunity provides Indians with Lifetime Schengen Access, circumventing the traditional visa process's complexities.

Let’s dive into the details of what makes MPRP a game-changer in international travel for the Indian community.

MPRP for Indians

Lifetime Schengen Access for Indians

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme: A Lifeline for Frequent Travellers

Many Indians, weary of the visa black market and extensive delays, are turning to the Malta Permanent Residence Programme as a lifeline. Fundamentally, offering a crucial Plan B and Lifetime Schengen Access, the programme goes beyond luxury—it's a necessity for those seeking unhindered movement across Europe.

Advantages of the MPRP:

    • Simplified Process: No more queuing for visas; instead, benefit from a streamlined application procedure.
    • Lifetime Access: Once granted, enjoy unlimited travel within the Schengen area for the whole family.
    • Economic Sense: Say goodbye to hefty visa fees and black-market premiums.

What’s the catch, you might wonder? Apart from the initial rigorous due diligence process and the requirement to meet a minimum wealth level, there isn’t one. 

Residency, Not Citizenship: A Crucial Distinction

One important misconception about the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) needs clarification right away: it does not grant citizenship.

Fundamentally, under Indian law, dual citizenship is not permitted; therefore, this may raise concerns about the legality of the MPRP for Indians. Rest assured! In essence, the MPRP is a residency solution, not a citizenship program. Specifically, it provides Lifetime Permanent Residency in Malta and consequently, Lifetime Schengen Access for Indians, all in compliance with India’s prohibition on dual citizenship.

Essentially, this residency programme adheres to legal boundaries and offers a legitimate and appealing option for individuals seeking unrestricted travel within the Schengen area. In effect, it offers the best of both worlds without any legal complications!

Strong Appeal Among the Indian Business Community

The MPRP isn’t solely for leisure travelers; it's also a crucial tool for the Indian business community. In fact, given the unprecedented delays and complications in obtaining Schengen visas, this programme serves as a beacon of hope for many Indian entrepreneurs.

Why Choose the Malta Permanent Residence Programme?

    • Business Flexibility: Conduct meetings and sign deals without worrying about visa timelines.
    • Strategic Location: Malta’s central location within the Schengen region offers quick access to major European business hubs.


  1. What is Lifetime Schengen Access for Indians?
    • It’s the opportunity to gain 90 days in any 180 days of travel within the Schengen area through Malta’s Permanent Residency Programme.
  2. How long does the MPRP take to approve?
    • If you apply through authorised channels and meet the eligibility criteria from start to finish, it realistically takes between six to nine months. Once the permanent certificate is issued, it is for life. I.e. there is no renewal except the residency card needs to be reissued every five years.
  3. Why is MPRP popular among Indians?
    • MPRP offers a practical solution for both tourists and business travellers. What’s remarkable is its multi-generational coverage. It includes the applicant, their spouse, both sets of parents and grandparents, children, and, in time, even grandchildren. It’s a solution that benefits several generations.
  4. Is the MPRP application process complicated?
    • No, it’s a transparent procedure as long as you have all the documentation in order.
  5. What are the costs involved in MPRP?
    • The costs are reasonable, especially compared to the ongoing black-market rates for visas. For a typical family of an applicant spouse and three children, the cost would be ₹1.16 crores.
  6. Can I apply for MPRP from India?
    • Yes, there are authorised agents in India that facilitate the application process. Alternatively, you can deal directly with the head office.


In conclusion, the Malta Permanent Residence Programme is an unparalleled pathway towards Lifetime Schengen Access for Indians. In a world fraught with travel restrictions and bureaucratic hurdles, MPRP has emerged as a practical, efficient, and desirable solution for the Indian community. Whether business or leisure, this programme opens the doors to Europe, ushering in a new era of global connectivity.