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25 Benefits of the Malta Permanent Residency

Why is Permanent Residency in Malta your next best investment? Here are 25 reasons for you, your family, and your business. 5-min read from Endevio.

The Permanent Residency Programme in Malta primarily provides permanent residency to non-European nationals and families looking to invest in the country, benefiting business, family security, travel, and enhanced lifestyle. 

The MPRP aims to jumpstart your life in Malta without the tedious renewals and minimum physical stays. Gain a deeper understanding of how a permanent residency in Malta is a good investment for your family.  

Benefits of the Malta Permanent Residency

Apply for a permanent residency by investment in Malta through the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP). With your status, you and your family can benefit from the following:

Family Security

  1. Live in one of the safest countries in the world, according to the World Risk Report  
  2. Have access to leading health care institutions  
  3. Provide world-class education for your children  
  4. Immediately feel at home with Malta’s cosmopolitan roots in family and language  
  5. Retain lifetime Permanent Residency status for your children even after reaching adulthood without reapplying  
  6. Get a choice to apply for a European Long-Term Residence Permit after five years in Malta  
  7. Invest in affordable real estate options  
  8. Remain confidential as there are no name publications


  1. Benefit from a lifetime residency in Malta  
  2. Grow in a progressive and politically stable country  
  3. Live the Mediterranean life  
  4. Revel in the warm summers and moderate winters  
  5. Easily communicate through English as an official language  
  6. Settle down with a practical yet opportunity-rich standard of living  
  7. Have infinite profitable investment property options  
  8. Live in a pollution-free environment  
  9. Earn the freedom to live, work, and study in 24 European Union countries upon achieving Long-Term Residency after five years

Benefits of the Malta Permanent Residency


  1. Travel visa-free within the 26 European Schengen area for a lifetime,   
  2. Travel without conflicts with your existing citizenship  
  3. Travel with a passport superior to other Golden Visas without the need for renewal


  1. Have your operations based in European Union’s fast-growing economy and the world’s largest economic zone, rated A+ by Fitch
  2. Access the world's largest economic zone reaching a population of over 500 million people
  3. Maximise investment options in a stable and booming real estate market