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Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean, to the northeast of Brisbane, Australia. Vanuatu known for its beautiful beaches, untouched forests, and breathtaking landscapes. It is an archipelago comprising 83 islands, is a popular destination for tourists seeking an idyllic tropical paradise.  

Vanuatu is the only Citizenship by Investment Program in the Asia-Pacific region. This program allows individuals to acquire Vanuatu citizenship by making specified investment in the country, primarily through contributions to the Development Support Program (DSP). 

Vanuatu introduced its Citizenship by Investment Program in January 2017.

Key benefits

  • Spouse, children up to the age of 26 and financially dependent, parents of spouses if aged 55 or above, financially dependent on the main applicant can be included in one application. 
  • Sponsorship of Citizenship application by any third party is allowed 
  • No language / residency requirement 
  • Vanuatu recognizes mulitple citizenships 
  • Citizenship for lifetime and future generations (subject to conditions) 
  • No taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, gifts, wealth and inheritance 
  • Flat corporate tax for onshore companies in Vanuatu 
  • Passports issued for 10 years, renewable indefinitely. 


Visa-free travel to 103 countries, including Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Monaco and others (without Schengen or the UK).

Main  requirements

  • Main applicant be at least 18 years of age 
  • Make the required Donation to the Government of Vanuatu 
  • Have a clean criminal record 

Investment options

Non Refundable Government Donation​: 

  • $130,000 Main Applicant only, 
  • $150,000 Main Applicant + Spouse , 
  • $165,000 Main Applicant + Spouse + 1 Dependent, 
  • $ 180,000 Main Applicant + Spouse + 2 Dependents, 
  • $ 190,000 Main Applicant + Spouse + 3 Dependents 
  • $ 200,000 Main Applicant + Spouse + 4 Dependents, 
  • $15,650 for each additional dependent. 

In case of a family without a spouse, the cost for each dependent is US$ 15,650. 

Additional government and legal fees apply, including $5,500 Government Due Diligence fee for the family. 



Initial Due Diligence.

Collection of documents and preparation of application.

Payment of Government Due diligence Fees.

Receipt of FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit Approval).

25% pre-payment of the Donation amount.

Submission of Application at the Citizenship committee sitting.

Approval of the Application.

Payment of the remaining 75%.

Receive Vanuatu passports and Citizenship Certificates.