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EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is an effective way to invest funds in the development of your own business or in a Regional Center project in the United States. 

Investment made into your own business allows you to actively manage your own business in the USA, and is usually a good option for people who have significant business experience in the U.S. 

Regional Center program is commonly referred as a passive investment for investors who want to get a green card with minimal risks. It does not require active involvement in the business.

The investor and his family receive the right to permanently reside, study and work in the United States.

Key Benefits
  • Freedom to legally reside, work, and study in the US;
  • Possible to include in the application spouses and children under 21;
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence ("Green Card") only for the spouse and children, or only for children;
  • The possibility of obtaining US citizenship 5 years after obtaining permanent residence ("Green Card");
  • Investment return;
  • No need for a sponsor;
  • Children can access public and private schools, and institutions;
  • No language requirements.


With Green Card: visa-free access to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Singapore etc.

Main Requirements

  • Main applicant be at least 14 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Continuous absence from the USA for no more than 6 months

Investment Options

  1. Direct investment;
  2. Investing through Regional Centers.

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Invest the minimum required investment amount,
  • Make an ‘at risk’ investment with the potential for gain or loss,
  • Create at least 10 new full-time jobs for American workers,
  • Invested capital must be  “lawfully gained”,
  • $800,000 ( if the investment is located in a rural area or high-unemployment area) OR $1,050,000 ( a US commercial enterprise).


Approx. 2-3 years after submitting the application to receive a Green Card.

BUT – if legally in the U.S., Petitioner can apply for a change of status and stay in the U.S. immediately.