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Pleasure Yacht Registration in Malta

If you own a pleasure yacht, you may wonder where the best jurisdiction is to register it. While many options are available, more people are still choosing to register their pleasure yachts in Malta. The Maltese maritime flag is the most popular in the EU.

Malta’s warm, still waters are the ideal place to dock your yacht. The process of registering a yacht is smooth sailing too! Malta’s laws have several categories that allow you to register your yacht and hoist the Maltese maritime flag.

If you want to register your pleasure yacht in Malta, Endevio can assist you with the process. Our experienced professionals know the registration requirements and procedures.

Pleasure Yachts in Malta

The use of a pleasure yacht falls under Malta’s laws for private registration. A private registered yacht is considered a pleasure yacht if it is 6 metres in length or more, does not carry passengers for a fee, is not engaged in trade, and is solely used for the owner’s benefit.

For commercial yacht registration, click here.  

Who can Register a Pleasure Yacht in Malta?

A pleasure yacht can be registered by:

  1. An EU citizen
  2. A company registered in Malta or an EU Member State
  3. In case of persons/entities who are not residents of Malta, a resident agent in Malta acting on your behalf should be appointed.

Endevio Can Assist You with the Registration of your Pleasure Yacht in Malta

Pleasure Yacht Registration in Malta can be efficient and quick. We at the Endevio ‘know the ropes’, so we can ensure your yacht is registered as swiftly and effortlessly as possible.

Yachts must first be provisionally registered under the Malta flag for six months. This period is “extendible for a further period, or periods not exceeding in the aggregate six months”, that will allow the finalisation of documentation requirements.


How Can Endevio Assist You?

Registering your pleasure yacht in Malta can be relatively straightforward as long as you comply with the requirements and the procedures.  

Our experts are ready to organise your materials so you can hoist the Maltese maritime flag as quickly as possible. Easy, low-cost docking, calm waves, and sunny skies lie ahead!  

Contact us to see how easy it can be to register your ship in Malta.