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How to Become a Citizen in Europe by Investment

Obtaining citizenship in one of the European countries, whether for travel, settlement or business purposes, can work as a doorway to the entire European continent and beyond European borders. Moreover, a European Union (EU) passport allows you to reside anywhere in the EU and reap the benefits of the high standard of living that Europe offers. 

There are several ways to become a citizen of Europe. But for high-net-worth individuals and families who are willing to invest in European countries, the region has the perfect programmes for you. 

For any investor looking for opportunities to lawfully obtain citizenship or a second passport for better travel options, applying for a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme is the best choice.

Citizenship by Investment Programmes in Europe 

Which European countries have these CBI programmes? 

  1. Malta   
  2. Turkey   
  3. Montenegro  
  4. Austria 
  5. North Macedonia  

Citizenship by Investment programmes usually require applicants to invest in real estate and donate to various non-government organisations. Take a look at the minimum investments for every country: 


European Citizenship by Investment Programmes 

North Macedonia  

EUR 200,000  


USD 250,000 


EUR 250,000 


through the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment     

EUR 600,000 


It is important to note that Austria’s programme does not qualify passive investments in real estate or government bonds. Unlike the other programmes, applicants of the Austrian citizenship-by-investment should actively participate in the Austrian economy. 

Benefits of European Citizenship 

What do you stand to gain from citizenship in Europe? Aside from the benefits of an EU passport, there are numerous other advantages for European citizens. This includes: 

  1. Ability to freely work in EU countries. 
  2. Right to reside in the EU countries. 
  3. Get subsidised academic studies. 
  4. Visa-free entry into countries such as the United States. 
  5. Starting a business and buying real estate. 
  6. Freedom of movement throughout the EU countries and Schengen Area. 
  7. Consular protection through the European consulates. 
  8. Preferential permits to work outside Europe. 
  9. Advanced medical treatment in EU countries. 
  10. Visa-free travel into Europe. 
  11. Great living conditions and quality of life. 

#3 Malta - 2nd Safest Country Worldwide

Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment 

Malta is Europe's best place to obtain citizenship by investment. With a nominal investment required, Europe's most prestigious citizenship programme offers investors, their spouses and all children under 18 full citizenships in Europe. 

Applicants may opt for either of the two options: 

  1. Obtain Maltese citizenship after one year (12 months) of residency with a contribution of €750,000. 
  2. Acquire Maltese citizenship after three years (36 months) of residency with a contribution of €600,000. 

This unique programme designed by the Maltese Government for granting citizenship to non-EU citizens is one of the most sought-after programmes. Successful applicants become Maltese citizens and gain the legal right to European Union (EU) and Schengen Area. 

The Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment is limited to a maximum number of 400 successful applicants per year. It is capped at 1,500 for the entire regulations. 


#5 Quality of Life in Malta

Whether to carry overseas business from a new vantage point or a favourable taxation system or capitalise on the lucrative real estate market, Europe has also become a destination of choice to design new investment possibilities in a competing business environment.