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Malta University Ranks Among the Top in the World

The University of Malta has continued its ascent. The institution now ranks in the top 3% of universities worldwide.

The ranking of the University of Malta has continued its ascent. It now ranks in the top 3% of universities worldwide.  
Over the past three and a half years, the University has already advanced nearly four hundred places. Considering there are over 28,000 universities worldwide, all competing for rank, it is an outstanding achievement.
University rector Professor Alfred Vella explained the university classification in a recent interview, sharing that the ranking gave significant weight to the quantity and quality of research.  
Professor Vella outlined the present research on cancer in medicine and further advancement in the use of wind and sun in renewable energy. Such research would likely generate a good return for the University.  
Backed-up by European funds, there is more research ongoing, employing more staff as well. As a result, Professor Vella also said the University was further investing in even more research laboratories in science, medicine, engineering and energy.  
Meanwhile, the Maltese economy retained its position as the top-performing economy in the European Union. Yet, ironically, Malta’s strong economic performance posed a challenge since fewer people willing to embark on university research.  
To counter this, the University was further attracting international students by bringing them to Malta and carry out research. Professor Vella stated that employing a person to teach students is also expected to research and publish them.  
The rector’s next target milestone is for the University to rank in the top 500 universities worldwide. 

Generally, Malta’s education system is highly rated internationally. The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution for tertiary education. Regulated by the Ministry of Education, the country’s education broadly follows the British Curriculum and welcomes international students

Children of the Malta Permanent Residency Program applicants are governed by the Education Act (Cap 327).