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Austria Citizenship By Investment

Austria is located in the heart of Europe and is laced with snow-capped mountains and pristine valleys. From the world-famous city of Vienna to the stunning scenery of the Alps, Austria has something for everyone. Austria is an attractive destination for citizenship due to its stable economy, high standard of living, and central location in Europe. Through Austria’s citizenship by investment programme, investors can obtain Austrian citizenship in exchange for making a significant economic contribution to the country. Endevio can assist you through applying for Austria Citizenship by Investment. Learn more about:

Benefits of Austria Citizenship

Austria’s citizenship by investment programme is one of the most competitive in Europe. It provides investors several benefits, including:
  1. The right to live and work in Austria and the EU
  2. Access to Austrian healthcare and educational institutions
  3. Austrian passports are highly respected worldwide and provide holders with a high level of mobility and freedom
  4. Visa-free access to 192 countries with the Austrian passport
Austrian citizenship is, therefore, a valuable asset that can open up many doors, both in Austria and around the world.

Documentary and Financial Requirements

Apart from primary documentary requirements such as passports, birth and marriage certificates, the applicant must also submit the following documents:
  1. A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Medical certificate
  3. Police clearance certificate
  4. Professional reference letters
  5. Proof of educational attainment
  6. Proof of business background
  7. Proof of certified business investment
  8. Proof of source of funds
  9. Bank reference letter
  10. Copy of business license
Unlike other citizenship by investment programmes that require passive investments in government bonds or real estate, Austria’s citizenship by investment programme requires investors to invest in the Austrian economy actively. The amount of investment is not exact as the required significant investment can be in joint ventures or direct investments in businesses creating jobs or generating new export sales. It should be noted that under the Austrian Citizenship Act, dual citizenship is not recognised in Austria. To acquire Austrian citizenship, you must renounce and abandon your current citizenship.


Applications go through several levels of government approval, and the Austrian Government exclusively decides the approval. The application timeframe is case-to-case, but the approval will take about 24 to 36 months. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of Austrian citizenship, after which the Austrian passport can be obtained.

How Can Endevio Assist You?

Our immigration experts will be more than happy to guide you through the process of obtaining Austrian citizenship by investment. We will ensure that you are able and qualified for this opportunity. We liaise with the relevant government bodies, ensuring that all procedures are followed, and the required paperwork is lodged efficiently.  

If you are interested in acquiring Austrian citizenship by investment, contact us.