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Greece Golden Visa Programme

Greece may be called a perfect relocation destination for those who want to enjoy the Mediterranean coast and sunny days all year round. Tourism is the key pillar of Greek economy. Government offers non-EU nationals Golden Visa program, which allows having residency in Greece.

Investors should purchase real estate property in Greece and are granted permanent residency in Greece. Once obtained Golden Visa, one has visa-free access to Schengen. It is also possible to apply for Greek citizenship after some years.

Key benefits

  • Global mobility with visa-free travel to 27 Schengen countries.
  • Spouse, children up to the age of 21, parents of both spouses can be included in the application on a single investment. 
  • Investors can apply for the program remotely.
  • Right to live in Greece, possible to own a company.
  • Double Taxation Treaty.
  • Permanent Residency is valid for life.
  • Investment properties can be rented out.
  • If residing in Greece with a permanent residency more than 183 days a year, one can apply for Greek passport after 7 years (subject to conditions).


Visa-free travel to 27 Schengen countries.

Main  requirements:

•    Main applicant be at least 18 years of age
•    Applicants should be non-EU/EEA who have entered Greece legally on any kind of visa
•    Have a clean criminal record 
•    Hold a health insurance
•    Invest in real estate in Greece
•    Meet any additional requirements as specified by the government of

Investment options

Transition period:

Investors who have paid a minimum deposit of 10%, by 31 July 2023 in the area affected by the law change, can invest the rest of the funds by the end of 2023 and be included in the €250,000 investment scheme:

  • Golden Visa investment remains at €250,000 for such areas in Attica as Piraeus, Western & Eastern Sector of Athens, Rafina, Lavrio, Peristeri,
  • €500,000 in the North, South and Central sectors of Athens, in Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini.

New regulation (from 31 July 2023):

Investors buying property in the areas that change to €500,000 must invest the total amount in ONE property. For the areas, where the investment remains €250,000, the investors can invest in more than one property. 


  • If purchasing in Crete and applying to Crete immigration authorities -  up to 90 days.
  • If purchasing in mainland Greece submitting the application to the immigration authority in Athens - up to 60 days. 


How Can Endevio Help?

Applying for a Greece Golden Visa is an excellent way to gain residency in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.   

Here at Endevio, we will assist you in every step of your application for the Greece Golden Visa. We can help you with everything from checking if all the requirements have been met, liaising with government authorities, to communicating any issues or concerns along the way so that no stone is left unturned in getting this done quickly for maximum benefit.   

Contact us, and let’s make your dream of living in Greece a reality.